The R1, which has been renewed with an enlarged interior, is now even more comfortable.
The texture of wood and renewed furniture offers a wonderful atmosphere among the trees.
While you are on vacation, you can manage your business by sipping your coffee or just lie down and watch the mountain view; R1 is waiting for you for the peace you need.

Live in the moment

Comfort & Nature

We Love Bungalov

The bungalow house can be built as a single storey, made of wood or as one and a half floors with an attic. It sits on a wider floor than multi-storey buildings. Typical features are that it has a low pitched roof, there is a balcony or a veranda in the outer area of ​​the house, beams are visible on the balcony and there is a porch. The interior plan of the bungalows is also different compared to other structures. They usually have a large living area and few small rooms rather than large bedrooms or an open floor plan.

Wooden material is generally used for the exterior. Another feature that distinguishes wooden bungalow houses from other single-storey detached houses is their appearance in harmony with nature. These structures, also known as wooden houses, are generally built at less cost, as their square meters are small.

We recommend you to experience the comfort and convenience of Shambala bungalows intertwined with nature 🙂

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